Ran into Bruce Samuels, one of OP’s leading Green Party members, discussed Greens’ gains in recent general election. In course of chat, on OP Ave. outside ex-book store turned real estate office, he said he can’t get in touch with the Republican chair for OP, one Marlene Lynch, a travel agent who beat out the (appointed) incumbent last spring. Bruce had been in conversation with her (elected) predecessor. We both mourned that good man’s passing. But where is Marlene L.? And when is the next Republican gathering and what happened to the regular emailing of alerts to party stalwarts? Hey, even if you meet in a phone booth, you still meet, don’t you? I’m not the only one wondering: “Has anyone heard from Marlene Lynch . . . ? Does she know there is an election coming up? No news. No email. No meetings. No Signs. No Nothing!” asked Oak Park Conservatives some time back. “Her phone number isn’t even listed on the Cook County Clerk website! She has no official email or website according to the Cook County Republican website. Maybe she doesn’t want to talk to anyone?”

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