West Suburban Hospital is asking for a rezoning of their property, and it is asking for permission to demolish a historic structure. The rezoning would allow a building more than 100 feet tall only 20 feet from a residential street and alley. How is this good for our neighborhood? It’s another incursion by the hospital into a great residential neighborhood. West Sub has shown a pattern of repeated expansion for more than 80 years. This expansion (if they get the zoning change) will not be the last. It will purchase and demolish more homes. Is endless expansion of West Sub really in the best interests of the village or of the neighborhood? Would it be good for the neighborhood if they expanded all the way over to Beye School or all the way up to Chicago Avenue?

I don’t oppose development at all costs, but I can’t support a zoning change that will allow a 100-foot building in our neighborhood, and I can’t support a policy that allows for endless expansion of this hospital. Village trustees, how many houses will you allow West Sub to demolish? When will you establish some limits for West Sub?

Karl Lauger
Oak Park

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