Your newspaper recently published a letter [Father’s firing smacked of political scheming, Viewpoints, Dec. 27] sharply criticizing the Cicero Township Trustees of Schools Board of Trustees and me for actions undertaken to fire the former treasurer of the Cicero Township Trustees of Schools and Oak Park resident, Martin O’Connor. The board responds to the unfounded allegations contained in this letter by setting forth the following representative conclusions enumerated in the “Findings of Fact and Decision of the Trustees of Schools” [printed in full at] unanimously approved by the Cicero Township Trustees of Schools board on Nov. 29, 2006:

A) Martin O’Connor engaged in gross misconduct, including misappropriating more than $48,000 in public funds;

B) Martin O’Connor engaged in prohibited political activity using public resources and time, and thereby misappropriated public property and resources; and

C) Martin O’Connor failed to adequately perform the essential duties of the position of Township School Treasurer.

The board of trustees found that the evidence presented against Martin O’Connor was overwhelming when it rendered its decision to terminate O’Connor. The board’s attorneys have forwarded the “Findings of Fact and Decision” to the United States District Attorney, the Illinois Attorney General, and the Cook County State’s Attorney for their review.

Finally, the letter also contained many untrue statements of fact about individual members of the board of trustees, including myself. I will neither dignify nor acknowledge any of these malicious, intentional, unfounded, and false allegations other than to reaffirm that each member of the current Cicero Township Trustees of Schools Board of Trustees has shown unquestioned integrity and strength in discovering, acting upon, and eliminating the gross incompetence and corruption of Martin O’Connor.

Bill Sullivan
President, Cicero Township Trustees of Schools

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