I can think of nothing more fitting than a large mural of Hemingway on the five story façade of the parking garage to be built on North Boulevard [Marion mall to become 2-way street, News, Dec. 6]. After all, a huge wall facing the Metra commuters will highlight the insularity of Oak Park and let them know they’re not welcome here. And walling off downtown from the most valuable of the Oak Park assets, its unique and superb mass transit system, using an immense parking garage with no accommodation for Oak Park commuter needs, is surely the epitome of the “broad lawns and narrow minds” description of Oak Park commonly attributed to Hemingway.

We are dealing with the most strategic and potentially valuable land in Oak Park. Is a parking garage really the best use of that space? The fact that there is almost always parking available in the current lot would suggest otherwise.

Paul Fuoss
Oak Park

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