I would like to let Oak Park voters know that we have the opportunity this spring to re-elect Ray Johnson to the Oak Park Board of Trustees. I had the pleasure of working with Ray when he represented the board at the meetings of the Animal Shelter Task Force.

The sad truth is that up until this year, Oak Park has not done very well for its stray and abandoned animals. But because of Ray Johnson’s insight, compassion, and perseverance, animal control animals will be going to the Animal Care League just as soon as ACL can be expanded to accept these animals. This is a monumental step forward toward the humane treatment of all homeless animals in Oak Park, and Ray Johnson’s work was instrumental in making it happen.

But besides being the compassionate solution to a long-standing problem, it was also the financially prudent solution. Because Oak Park animal control will be working with a highly-regarded shelter that already has a facility and staff, taxpayers will not be shouldering an undue burden. Thank you, Ray, for all the time and effort you gave us. I look forward to voting for you this spring.

Kathy Capone

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