The developer having trouble with the OP village govt in developing an 11-unit condo building on the 400 N. Maple block has OP village govt. pretty well figured out:

“They’re putting a lot of effort into controlling real-estate development,” Allen said, adding that real-estate development goes with the market. “It takes care of its own.”

This is it with markets, which government in general should leave alone.

Meanwhile, Wed. Jnl had the amazing information that Allen has said he was willing to swap his Maple Ave. property for the much-discussed and -debated Colt Building on Lake Street! It’s one of more than a dozen village-owned properties intended for development by someone, somehow.

“In general,” because the extraordinary does arise, and like the U.S. homeland since 9/11 (somehow not attacked), OP (somehow) has not gone ramshackle like Austin to the east. Many factors enter into both results, but to speak of OP alone, we may wonder if 1970s-style interference does NOT apply in 2006.

In any case, the board zoning allows Allen’s 11 units, and it’s too late now to stop him without spending too much money. The village manager and staff think so, and so do I, which with $1.75 will get any one of them downtown on the Green Line.

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