I have recently read the letter, “What if we blamed the entire achievement gap on gangs?” I am a student at OPRF, and I am absolutely apalled by the statement in this article. As a matter of fact, I don’t know one person or faculty member at my school who is not offended by this article. The student in the photo to the left of the “Light the Stadium” sign is not even holding a gang sign with his hand. It’s a little bit ridiculous how anyone would gain that kind of information with what he’s doing with his hand. Then to blatantly accuse him of being a gang member, and bringing his “fellow gang members and rivals” to our neighborhood is not only obnoxious, but completely and utterly ignorant. The accusation that the author made towards the marching student was absolutely stereotypical, saying that a black student with his hand out is flashing a gang sign. The fact that this was even considered to be published is a true mystery to the OPRF comminuty. Mr. Neil Davis does not even know this student, his grades, or his attendance record. Please check the facts and your sources before printing an article this racist and ignorant.

Jessica Mitchell

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