Hi, my name is Jarrett Harris. I’m currently a senior at OPRF high school. I really did not appreciate your discretion in the allowing of the Viewpoint letter by Neil Davis regarding the achievement gap. I, being a young black teen, was truly offended by this article.

I am in four AP courses trying to break down stereotypes formed and to allow the assumption that the achievement gap can be blamed on “gangs” where gang activity is not a problem is appalling. The picture used in the article could and might ruin the reputation of a young black teen who is a good kid. I played football with the kid accused of being part of a gang, and it goes against his identity to be under such an accusation.

This article has caused a disturbance throughout the Oak Park and River Forest community. Take the responsibility for your actions by not allowing this again. Here’s a suggestion: Maybe you should run an article on young black teens trying to close the achievement gap through their studies and help others do so.

Jarrett Harris

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