The other night I was reading Sophocles’ Antigone. Once again I was reminded why classics written thousands of years ago remain important … they contain universal truths! Consider this chorus delivered toward the end of the play:

Reflect on these things, son. All men can make mistakes; but, once mistaken, a man is no longer stupid nor accursed who, having fallen on ill, tries to cure that ill, not taking a narrow, undeviating stand. It is obstinacy that convicts of folly. Yield to the dead man … do not stab him-now he is gone-what bravery is this, to inflict another death upon the dead?

Said differently, I recall a line from an old Viet Nam protest song:

Knee-deep in the Big Muddy and the big fool said to push on …

At the least, this federal administration is guilty of intellectual laziness … at the least!

Paul Moroney
Oak Park

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