Who can dispute that war takes a deadly toll on the youth of our country? There is controversey about the justification of war if it involves Iraq or any other area of the world. The footprints of war have left their marks on past generations of our nation. Whenever one of our sons or daughters has given their life, in defense of our freedom,
it leaves deep scars on those left behind. Who can pass judgement on those who say, “Never go to war, no matter what effect it may be on our society”? All of us have to search our conscience for the answer to that dilemma.

Freedom has never been free, it is paid for in the blood of our fighting armed forces.

Recently I viewed, with sadness, a picture of empty boots that represent 2,000 of our soldiers killed in the Iraq war. Hopefully one day the people of this world will be motivated by good will for their fellowman and live in harmony with one another. Until that day arrives, Americans will be forced to protect our way of life and help all the oppressed people on this planet. Past generations of Americans have paid that price, and we can do no less.

I reflect back to the distant generation of WWII when we lost 6,000 of our young men in 33 days on Iwo Jima. During that time, 1,500 Marines were killed storming the beachhead of Tarawa. Can we say any of these young lives taken for freedom were justified? Without their sacrifice, you and I would be living in a different world.

We had better get our houses in order if this country is to survive. Republicans and Democrats will have to mirror the values and operations of this great country and act accordingly. All countries that wish us ill will celebrate when they see us fighting among ourselves.

We do not need a divided nation of people when the price of failure will be catastrophic-hang in there.

Vince Ivers
River Forest

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