I am a local massage therapist and a lifelong Oak Parker. I have been Jan Pate’s personal massage therapist for five years.

I met Jan when I was fresh out of massage school and venturing into a private practice. She has been with me my entire career, watching and supporting my growth, both professionally and personally. She is also a woman I dearly admire. She is very faithful to massage therapy as a means of self care and personal awareness. She is a pro-active woman who cares deeply about herself, her local and the world communities.

I think that her years with the YMCA and international experiences speaks for itself. She is a motivator and an action-oriented person who lives her values, and it shows.

I am very proud to say she is my massage client and my good friend. I believe with her good leadership skills and compassion for community life, she would be a great choice for village trustee.

Tai Gbala
Oak Park

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