The 2006 election results are (mostly) in, the ballots have been tallied, the touch screens tabulated, and, despite the sweeping changes across the country, voters pretty much stuck to their guns in Oak Park and River Forest.

Democrats took over both Congress and the Senate for the first time since 1992, and many speculate that the driving factor in the sweeping number of Democratic victories was growing uneasiness about the war in Iraq.

You could find evidence of that here as well. Out of 33,029 registered voters in Oak Park, 19,320, or 58.49 percent, voted in last Tuesday’s midterm election. The last question on the ballot, an Advisory Referenda, asked Oak Park Township voters whether they thought troops should be pulled out of Iraq. According to election results, 13,825 (76.25 percent) said yes.

In River Forest, 4,252 out of 7,241 registered voters (58.2 percent) showed up to cast their ballots. However, River Forest voters weren’t asked about their opinion on Iraq.

Results were skewed heavily in favor of Democrats in the election, with the party taking the majority of Oak Park votes in all but one major race out of 16. But that’s pretty much par for the course around here.

Democrat Rod Blagojevich won the Illinois governor race in Oak Park with 55.58 percent of the vote compared to Republican Judy Baar Topinka’s 25.59 percent. In the attorney general race, Democrat Lisa Madigan beat out Republican Stewart Umholtz with an overwhelming 84.98 percent of the vote. Democrat Jesse White took the majority of the Oak Park vote for secretary of state over Republican Dan Rutherford, 78.15 percent to 14.55 percent.

The only Republican who managed to win an advantage in votes in Oak Park was Tony Peraica for Cook County Board president. Peraica held a 53.20 percent advantage to Democrat Todd Stroger’s 46.80 percent.

River Forest voters also leaned toward the left in their voting tendencies, though not as far as Oak Parkers. All but four of the 16 major races went to Democrats in River Forest. Topinka beat out Blagojevich in the governor’s race 50.17 percent to 37.33 percent. Republican Christine Radogno beat Democrat Alexander Giannoulias 49.2 percent to 45.9 percent in the treasurer race. Peraica defeated Stroger in River Forest as well, though with a larger margin: 75.02 percent to 24.98 percent. Republican Peter Silvestri also beat Democrat Jodi Biancalana 61.01 percent to 38.99 percent in the race for County Board Commissioner, 9th District.

The Green Party enjoyed its strongest showing ever, with Rich Whitney and Oak Parker Julie Samuels garnering nearly 19 percent (3,526) of the vote in Oak Park, and 12.5 percent (512) in River Forest.

Green party candidates for other statewide offices received between three and eight percent locally.

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