This Friday marks the last opportunity for River Forest residents to submit questions for possible inclusion in the District 90 Community Caucus process. That process will ultimately select three candidates to stand for election to the school board in April, 2007.

Caucus Chairperson Julie Gilberto-Brady said she has received numerous questions since early October and hopes to receive additional suggestions before Oct. 20. Suggested topics or issues can be e-mailed to: district90caucus

As caucus chairman, Gilberto-Brady will oversee the group’s preparations and deliberations, but will not vote. The 24 caucus members have already been selected, and met for an orientation session last week. As part of their orientation caucus members heard presentations by District 90 Superintendent Marlene Kamm, Board President David Gregg. Darrell Dick, a veteran educator who served as vice principal at Roosevelt School 10 years ago, gave a presentation entitled “The qualities of good school boards and good school board members.”

Gilberto-Brady said that at their next meeting on Oct. 25 the caucus will develop a final list of questions to be presented to individuals seeking slating.

Applications for prospective school board members can be picked up at any of the three River Forest schools. The final day that completed applications will be accepted for consideration from individuals wishing to be considered by the caucus for slating as a school board candidate is noon on Nov. 20. Prospective school board candidates will then be scheduled by lottery to appear before the caucus for 30 minute interviews on Nov. 27, 29 and 30.

The caucus will then vote for to endorse the three individuals they believe are most qualified to run for the school board. Traditionally those slated by the caucus have run unopposed for school board seats, though other individuals are not precluded from running without being slated.

-Bill Dwyer

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