I agree with your viewpoint [Are we screwed? Ken Trainor, Oct. 4]. But we are faced with so much and with such urgency.

We got trouble right here in Oak Park. If we can’t get it straight here, there’s no point in thinking that we can change anything on a larger scale.

Sorry, but where are the people? There are plenty of articles to read, but that still leaves a party of one. Maybe I just don’t know how to connect, but I don’t feel everyone should sit quietly within their own walls and make up their mind on how, or even whether, to vote on an issue. Who else cares?

I’ve recently attended some political meetings and been dismayed by name-calling, skewed presentation of data, and unsupported allegations of facts. For the gravity of these meetings, I thought they were very poorly attended. Perhaps a lot of other people already knew something I didn’t, therefore, saw no reason to attend.

If we are not already screwed (and I hope we aren’t), we are close.

Robert B. Peterson
Oak Park

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