Dear Mr. Hamer,

If I understand you correctly [OP needs to keep its overnight parking ban, Viewpoints, Sept. 20], people who can’t afford to pay Oark Park prices for condos or apartments that include parking should just move elsewhere-for example, to nice, safe, low-crime areas like Maywood and Austin. That way the Oark Park police can keep the streets safe for nice, clean, affluent, law-abiding male citizens like you.

Thank you for letting me know that I don’t really belong here-even though I grew up here-because my priorities and lifestyle are different than yours. Thank you for letting me know that even though Oak Park touts itself as a model of diversity, the Parking and Traffic Commission is firmly committed to 1950s Republican ideals. You’ve really made me reconsider my silly idea of moving to Lincoln Park-after all, they allow street parking, so it can’t be a good or safe place to live. Can it?

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