Sexy, spooky, sultry.” This is the best adjectival string of the week, spotted in Third Saturday Coffeehouse Open Mic Night’s description of their guest artists this Saturday, Oct. 21, at Unity Temple, 875 Lake St. (660-9376). The Dangerous Dames of Twilight Tales-a moniker we greatly grieve we didn’t co-opt first-take the coffeehouse stage at 9 p.m., being composed of two dames, Tina Jens, who writes fiction of the “s., s., s.” variety, and Martel Sardina, author of “short fiction, erotica and poetry.”

We are so mad we didn’t think of writing erotica and appearing in a witch costume and fishnets to read it out loud, instead of the job we have. That’s the kind of profession one would be proud to talk about to one’s children. “Not now, kids-Mommy’s got to go to work. Could you hand us our fishnets and erotica? Nighty-night!” And off we would tap, in our spike-heeled witch boots, to the next coffeehouse on our twilight tour.

Ladies: look to your undergarments. Truly sexy witchdom cannot be achieved without proper support. Let’s all go together to Pamela Penney Textile Arts at 41 Harrison St. on Friday night, Oct. 20, for the opening of The Corset Show: Bound Body/Unbound Spirit from 6 to 9 p.m. (785-7782). In answer to your question, yes, this is an exhibit of wearable and non-wearable art with a corset theme. Bring your erotica and wear your witch dress, and, while we’re in the neighborhood, we’ll drop into the reception for Ridge Art’s show, Torsos: Small Paintings by Shirley Hudson, which is the same night from 6 to 9 p.m. at 21 Harrison St. (848-4062). Men, you can come, too, if you want to. If we’re wearing our witch dress and fishnets, we’ll probably have hordes of you trailing after us, anyway.

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