Elected officials from Oak Park, Berwyn and Cicero met last week to talk about plans to improve Roosevelt Road.

Humor played what might be called a “non-process” role in the meeting, with officials from each village poking fun at their colleagues’ practices.

Cicero, for example, was ribbed for contributing just 10 percent of the funds for the project compared to Berwyn’s 40 percent and Oak Park’s 50 percent.

Nobody asked how much they would have contributed if Betty hadn’t made off with all that loot.

Twice Berwyn Mayor O’Connor quipped about the Oak Park Village Board’s tendency to let meetings roll on forever with no set time to end. The second time he used the joke as a transition into a request for adjournment.

“We could probably go on for a long time,” he said, glancing over to the Oak Park side of the table at President David Pope, “and we usually have limits to our meetings Mr. President, so I’m voting for a motion to adjourn.”

Get this: the meeting ended before the posted time. Oh, Berwyn officials, why aren’t you part of every Oak Park board meeting? Oh, wait, we think we might know… .

D97 Robotics teams looking for more ‘sugar and spice’

The old saying goes “girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice.” Notice no mention of circuits, switches and electrical glitches.

But Brooks and Julian middle school are looking for a few good young women to join each school’s Robotics club. Students in the extra curricular, after-school club-made up of almost exclusively boys right now-builds robots from a kit and participates in state and national competitions.

School sponsors said they’d like to have more girls join the teams. They said some girls seem reluctant to join because of the class is mostly boys. The club meets and Wednesdays until February. Anyone interested should call Brooks at 708/524-3050, or Julian at 708/524-3040.

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