On Sept. 3, 2006, Glenn L. Harris died. I would like to offer my condolences to his family and congregation.

Mr. Harris ran for public office several times as a Republican for the office of state representative in the 8th District, and I was looking forward to his presence in this fall’s election activity. He will be missed. His supporters, as did my predecessor’s, resided mostly in the suburbs and in the last general election, he garnered more votes than his two opponents in Riverside Township, a noteworthy accomplishment as he was running against an incumbent and, my predecessor, a suburbanite.

Julie Samuels, who is now running for lieutenant governor, tells me that Mr. Harris was an honorable opponent who stated his beliefs forthrightly both in his literature and when debating in a public forum. We cannot ask anything more from a person who is brave enough to run for public office.

Nathan Helsabeck
Green Party candidate, 8th District Ill. House

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