I am writing in response to a statement in Wednesday Journal’s editorial, published Sept. 13, regarding its goals for a new superintendent at Oak Park and River Forest High School. You wrote that a new superintendent should “be someone who can get along with special education parents without sending the district into bankruptcy.”

If you can write something like this, Wednesday Journal’s editors cannot possibly have been listening or reading the numerous letters and articles published in its own newspaper in recent years. You cannot possibly understand the issues. Special education is funded largely with federal and state dollars, not local property taxes. Suggesting that “getting along” with special ed parents is somehow related to soaring local property taxes is inaccurate and irresponsible.

Moreover, the special ed parents at OPRF whom I have spoken with do not want a superintendent who can “get along” or who is interested in increasing funds spent for special ed programs.

We want a special ed director and staff who conduct themselves like professionals and who follow the special ed and disabilities laws. We want a school board who holds these individuals accountable.

There is an egregious problem with special ed at OPRF. For the third year in a row, we have brought these issues to the school board and Superintendent Sue Bridge, and they have done nothing about it. The issue is not money in this case. The issue is not “getting along.” Wednesday Journal is not listening. Special ed parents only want OPRF special ed staff and administrators to follow the law.

Meg Reynolds
Oak Park

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