Parking fees too much for working man’s wallet

Good grief! This on the heels of huge tax increases. Now citizens who must drive their cars to catch the el or train to commute into Chicago for their jobs will have to pay astronomically higher parking fees. Doesn’t the village realize that these are all working people? Perhaps they should look for ways to help Oak Parkers who commute rather than hinder them with excessive parking fees.

Lou Valsoano
Oak Park

Oak Park police alertness is appreciated

On Wednesday, Aug. 30, about 9:30 in the morning, I returned from my morning run to my home on the 200 block of North Elmwood. As I ran into the alley, I found an Oak Park police car and two policemen, one just leaving my yard through the back gate. I had left the gate, which is always closed, open in a way that raised suspicion. After a brief, friendly exchange, they left. I simply want to say that I appreciate this kind of alertness by the Oak Park police.

David Boulanger
Oak Park

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