I read various articles every day about how low-carb eating combined with the right amount of cardio and resistance training will get you the body you want. You know in your gut that this will raise the level of your social interactions to those of the perpetually positive thinkers. You know you would be a success at whatever your heart desires. All that is left to do is to think of your dreams in the present instead of the future.

The truth is that there are those in our community that are profoundly depressed, bi-polar or, God forbid, schizophrenic. Many of them avoid contact with others and do their shopping when there are likely to be few others around. Their medications slow down their metabolism and a poor diet, combined with lack of exercise (due to an acute sense of paranoia), exacerbates their mental condition as well as creating weight gain. However, if someone were to show up at their door for an hour-long walk three times a week they would feel less isolated, less depressed stronger, and moreover knowing that life is worth living. It would simply change their lives.

Of course, we can just dump more money into Family Services, medicate those in need more and more and feel that we’ve done our duty.

That, along with a faster, more accurate tennis serve, a low-carb diet, and a little more cardio exercise before breakfast should both ease our conscience and make us feel a little bit better about our selves.

But remember, there are those who are profoundly depressed with inconsolable grief. Some have what are called in the industry “passive suicidal thoughts.” There are those who have struggled with depression for so long they have given in to the abyss of melancholy.

A walk three times a week would change their lives. That probably won’t happen, though, because you just don’t see them.

Tony Monaco
Oak Park

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