I, too, am angered by my property taxes. But the question is how many of those who complain about their taxes voted for the people who run the village, Cook County, the state, and who voted for all the referenda?

The real problem is the disconnect between suporting various spending programs and paying for them. To quote Pogo, “We have met the emeny and they are us.” Of course government wastes money. This is news? How many pols ever got re-elected by saying they didn’t bring home the bacon? If you want your taxes to go down, then cease voting for the guys who spend like drunken sailors and vote down the referenda that seek to spend money. It isn’t the assessor’s fault. Nor is it the politicians’ fault. It is our fault. Until the voters get smart, get ready from more whining from the same voters who voted for the spending programs or who voted for the guys who spend money like there is no tomorrow.

Phil Trice
Oak Park

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