I have only pity for Helen Mildenhall who wrote in her letter to the editor July 5 why she does not go to church anymore. She is futilely attempting to pigeonhole God into a category that fits her needs, and she will never be able to do so. God can only be accepted on faith or not at all. The church consists of fallible human beings who endlessly attempt to be accepting, tolerant, and compassionate toward others even when we do not share the same views.

I cannot agree with Mr. Hayes statement [A faith more transparent to itself – Why I still do go to church, Viewpoints, Aug. 23] that it took courage to make Ms. Mildenhall’s decision. I would prefer to categorize it as lacking in courage and a withdrawal from society. All of us suffer moments when our faith is shaken, but if we did not persevere, it would be an empty place to live, especially in the troubled environment in which we now find ourselves,

Ms. Mildenhall is missing a great deal if she fails to attend worship services in the church of her choice.

Susan Cross
Oak Park

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