Our global top priority needs to be putting the brakes on global warming. There is not one person on this planet immune to what is happening.

So many well-meaning people and organizations are asking American automobile manufacturers to make vehicles that make more efficient use of petroleum-that is, more miles per gallon. As Al Gore pointed out in his recent movie, vehicles manufactured in other countries get twice the mileage of American cars. Yes, we do need that for the long term.

This sounds nice, but what we really need right now is a technology that can retrofit current cars to run more efficiently or with a different energy source.

1) Are we really going to take our food supply, like human edible corn, make ethanol and burn it while people in the world are hungry? As it is, we waste so much land for feed corn for producing beef. To create one pound of beef, 10 pounds of corn needs to be consumed by the cattle.

2) Do you think everyone can just dump their car and run out and buy a new one? In my household, we keep our cars for 12 years if someone doesn’t accidentally crash into us and demolish them. Those inefficient cars in use now cannot just be sold as a cheap used car to some other person because then they will be using lots of gas inefficiently and adding to the current CO2 levels in the atmosphere, not diminishing global warming. Furthermore, making all those new replacement cars will cause lots of CO2 emissions.

Auto companies should be making more public transportation trains and track replacements. We have to adjust for the big picture. Think! Wake up! We also need real leaders to be role models for conservation. We need a collection and distribution system-a clearinghouse-for sharing ways to use less energy. We need to continually ask ourselves: How is what I am about to do going to affect the planet? Is there a less harmful way? Do I really need to do this?

Every manufacturer needs to also ask these questions concerning their business and make room for a new bottom line besides financial profits: The well-being of this planet and all life on it. Think! Wake up!

You might say we are at war with our own culture. But we are flexible and adaptable and willing to work for the common good. People need the spirituality of working for something larger than themselves to make the world a better place, to give and share. It is easy to see this is true when you look at the recent disasters and the outpouring of help.

How much CO2 is being produced by all the wars going on right now! Global warming affects all countries and all people. Therefore, get your diplomatic thinking caps on your brain and start making real peace and co-existence in the world. That may mean the U.S. has to stop bullying countries into providing military bases and pushing our stuff and culture on other people.

It may mean treating other nations with understanding and kindness instead of selfish greed. The Marshall Plan after WWII made friends of our enemies and we can do it again. How much good in the world could we have created with all those billions spent on attacking and occupying Iraq?

Leslie Roberts
Oak Park

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