In case you suspected Oak Parkers might be a little more emotional, and perhaps a little more fanatical, than most when it comes to local issues, an article in the Aug. 2 Wednesday Journal [Heat contributes to OP man’s death] hints that this might indeed be true. Following a report on the death of a local resident due to the extreme heat, the article went on to say that “the excesive heat also caused power outrages Monday in Oak Park. ComEd reported a total of 600 residents on the north side of Oak Park suffering power outrages.”

Are they outraged at the “powers that be?” Maybe they’re just upset about their utility bills. I wonder if a “power outrage” is anything like a “power nap” or a “power walk?” But let’s not let this go to our (hot)heads, as the writer also noted that “outrages … occurred primarily in Chicago but affected some residents in Oak Park.”

Now that’s outrageous.

Lynne Higgins
Oak Park

Editor’s note: Wednesday Journal is outraged over our brain power outage. We fixed the misprint on the Web.

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