In an upstairs bedroom of a home on the 1000 block of Linden Avenue in Oak Park, Diana, the mother of a troubled, drug-dealing son, is hanging from the chandelier in an apparent suicide attempt.

Diana, fortunately, is not a real person but an actress playing a role. The home on Linden is not hers; it belongs to an Oak Park family on vacation for the summer. And this scene in the bedroom last Friday is actually a scene from the film “Love.Blood.Krpytonite” currently shooting in Oak Park and surrounding villages.

The film, written, directed and performed by a cast and crew featuring Oak Park and River Forest High School current and former students, was into its fourth day of shooting on Friday.

The film, which began shooting at the home of OPRF teachers Linda and Douglas Belpedio on Aug. 8, is the story of Jimmy, a high school student who ends up selling drugs to support his family.

The $30,000 film is independently produced, and includes professional crew and actors.

“We’ve been here for four nights and four days basically, working 12-hour days shooting here,” John Condne, OPRF film and television teacher and the film’s producer, said on Friday.

Angela Latham, who plays Jimmy’s mother, won the role through an open casting call. Latham, chair of the Fine Arts Department and a theater teacher at Triton College, is also a professional actress, and said she enjoyed working with professional and student performers.

“It’s a really nice mix,” she said. “I’m at the college level and I love working with this age group as far as an educational practice. And, my own son is the age of Jimmy. I also like that there is a mix of people who have been in the business for a while.”

Filming wrapped up at the Belpedio’s home on Friday. Additional filming took place on Chicago’s West Side and Melrose Park this week. The shoot, though, has not gone entirely smoothly.

Footage of a major action sequence shot on Wednesday was lost due to a technical problem downloading the footage. Several angles to a couple of scenes were lost, as was nearly all of another scene.

The setback pushed the film’s schedule back an entire day. The actors, stunt coordinators and performers had to re-shoot the scenes last Thursday. On Friday, the crew was completing the hanging scene and a scene shot in the basement involving a poker game with several actors.

Co-director Kris Rey-Tally, a 2006 OPRF graduate admitted to being a little intimidated directing the low-budget film.

“First of all, we’re like 18 and 19 years old and we’re working with a crew that’s easily 10 years older or more. I think a lot of it is, ‘Hey, look at these kids; they haven’t even gone through film school yet and here they are attempting to direct a whole movie.’ So you walk on set and you have that pressure.”

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