Well, we did it. We withstood 142-degree heat on the soccer fields, tornado warnings, lightning strikes around us, late truck deliveries, some long hot days and many other obstacles. We met new people from all over the world and made new friends. We will always remember the South African women’s soccer team singing and dancing for us and tired, worn-out guys and gals collapsed in the hallway at the school. We will always remember the firetruck hosing down the players and the field on day one. We will remember the athletes with some great accents, some crazy cheerleaders, some fierce badminton, incredible soccer, and tennis that, though Division C, was awesome. There were even some terrible looking scrapes, blisters, cuts and broken bones.

It was hard work and we pulled it off. Reports are coming in that Oak Park had one of the best sites, and it is all because of you. I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work. Words cannot explain how much work you have done to make these games at Oak Park second to none. To Ray, Patrick & Michael, and Mike, who took over the lead as the three sports coordinators, you all did superb.

To the countless volunteers out there who kept adding more and more shifts to help out: Thank you. Thanks to all of you who lifted and pulled and pushed ice water and Gatorade and gave up your personal lives for five days in Oak Park.

So in case I didn’t tell you enough while you were working, thank you. I wish there was more I could say or do for each of you because the words “thank you” seem so insignificant compared to what each of you has done. My yellow cowboy hat goes off to each of you. Great job. You are my heroes. You can pat yourselves on the back. You did a wonderful thing, and the games and the athletes and I appreciate all you have done.

Steve Coy
Oak Park volunteer West Village manager

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