Being part of different faith communities over the years, I was touched by Rev. Dean Lueking’s message to Helen Mildenhall and the rest of us as we struggle with how and where to find our God [Going to church anyway … and why, Viewpoints, July 19].

All churches, temples, mosques-even non-sectarian, small faith groups-are questing and questioning instruments of humanity seeking to find God’s presence in the world.

As a people, we are free and moved to read, hear and discuss the divine Word in a myriad of languages and holy writings, filtered through the prism of our varied sacred traditions. We are called individually and collectively to translate that wisdom into our own lives and actions.

How and where we choose to pursue our own relationship with the divine follows the gifted flow of God’s grace, which is shared and available to every human being. Not about our goodness or merit, but rather about God’s offer of divine life.

Although our religious institutions are vulnerable, and we become disillusioned by failings, we are free to realize that God actually comes to us from within ourselves-from our deepest inner being and awareness.

The religious structures, divinely inspired (we trust), have dual and intertwined functions:

1) To encourage, challenge and facilitate one’s relationship with God.

2) To encourage, assist and facilitate the unification of the human race.

When we evolve together to those church ends … as they say in church, “thy Kingdom [has] Come!”

This seems to be a communal as well as an individual enterprise!

Richard A. Beeman
Oak Park

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