Is enough being done to discourage drunk drivers? The police may be doing their job, but what happens after a drunk driver is arrested is the big problem. I was the woman hit by a drunk driver at Harlem and Augusta on a weekday afternoon. I had just dropped off my son at preschool and was headed home with my 6-week-old infant when I was broad-sided by a very intoxicated woman. She fled the scene, and I called 911. She proceeded to crash into a police officer as she attempted to avoid arrest.

This woman is a repeat offender with two prior DUI convictions, a suspended license and does not carry insurance. She obviously has no concern for her safety and least of all ours. I have followed this case and tried to testify against this woman in hopes of her seeing some real jail time. Not only has she not served any time, she has been granted several continuances, and five months later has suffered absolutely no consequences.

As a matter of fact, she is still on the road in our community today. I haved spotted her driving around town twice. When I called police, they pulled her over but explained they couldn’t arrest her because the database system showed her accident with me, but the suspensions were not showing up. I was furious that this scofflaw was able to drive off once again.

So what can we law-abiding citizens do but take cover, or hope we make it through the day without sharing the road with these very dangerous drunk drivers because the system is definitely not helping us.

Brooke Marks
River Forest

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