It was nice to see so many unfamiliar faces in Oak Park this past Sunday, many of them carrying tennis racquets, as the Gay Games competitions began at the high school tennis courts. In spite of the hot weather, everyone seemed happy to be here.

The weather may have held down the crowds, but competition continues today and tomorrow in Oak Park (at OPRF and Barrie Park), and we hope Oak Parkers will take the time to head over and catch some of the games.

Landing the Gay Games is a feather in our cap. It exposes Oak Park to many visitors, some from other parts of the world. Therefore we should be more than passive hosts allowing a “parallel universe” to pass through unnoticed. It is incumbent upon us to actively make our guests feel welcome.

This is especially important the week after RSC Development and Lane Bryant went out of their way to try to impugn Oak Park’s reputation for tolerance by implying weight bias. Though that attempt may well sour relations with potential customers for awhile, the real Oak Park is on display, open and tolerant, for all the world to see this week. Oak Parkers, therefore, would do well to see for themselves.

Head on over and show what gracious hosts we can be. And if you feel like helping out, we hear organizers still need volunteers.

Compromise needed on Maple Avenue

The “worker’s cottage” at 403 N. Maple was denied landmark status by the Historic Preservation Committee last week, which was the right decision. Neighbors applied, hoping to derail Allen Development’s efforts to build an overly large multifamily building on a largely single-family block, but claiming historical significance for the modest home was a stretch at best. The decision, however, leaves the way open for a four-story proposal, which, if built, would certainly harm the character of the block. As we said in an earlier editorial, we hoped the landmark application process would provide enough of a delay for the neighbors and developer to work out a compromise. That hasn’t happened yet, so we renew our call for the developer to do the right thing by the neighbors by building something smaller.

Developers, as the aforementioned Lane Bryant flap has proven, are not exactly endearing themselves to the community lately. Here is an opportunity to change that. We urge Allen Development to show some flexibility.

Keep Madigan in Oak Park

We have no reason to question the library board’s choice of Dee Brennan to head our local library system. Though, like many, we are disappointed that Assistant Director Jim Madigan wasn’t chosen, we welcome Brennan and wish her the best. We only hope that Madigan can be retained because his contributions to the library’s quality have been significant. We call on the new director to recognize Madigan’s skills and find a way to keep him here.


In a story that ran last week in the Sports section, titled “Return of Turtle’s Run a big hit,” we misspelled Benjamin Meyerson.

Wednesday Journal regrets the error.

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