Thank God, it’s time for the high school summer musical again. You know how much we like to get in the mood for this festive affair. This year it’s the classic musical The Music Man, running Friday, July 21, through Sunday, July 23 (434-3099). “Seventy-six trombones in the big parade, and 106 something, something …” We really wish we had a trombone. We’re pretty sure that the high school will want to join the current trend of audience participation events, like the sing-along Messiah and the dance-along Nutcracker. Sadly, we don’t own a trombone. We do, however, possess an old military bugle. We admit it sounds more like a dying moose than a musical instrument, at least when operated by us. Uooooo-gah!

You ask if we will be in attendance at the Trinkets to Treasures sale at the Nineteenth Century Club, 178 Forest Ave. (386-2729), on Friday, July 21, and Saturday, July 22? No, we will not. We will be in the garage, one hand desperately clutching the handle of the car door, the other arm held in a vice-like grip by our family. They are determined, they say, to prevent the introduction of even one more trinket into our petite bungalow. “But they have antique and vintage items,” we holler, “and the ones we want are about to be purchased by someone else. LET GO!” But they are relentless. “By gum, you’re right,” we acquiesce. “We’ll just run to the Jewel, then, to recycle our plastic bags.”

Having temporarily confused them, we hop into the station wagon, our bugle hidden under a mound of Jewel bags, and peal off into the wanton Oak Park evening, tooting our horn 76 times in celebration of summer and musicals and vintage trinkets.

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