We are once again reaching that point in the summer at which we give up on our garden. It’s too hot to stagger outside to water flowers anymore, and we’re afraid we’ll hurt ourselves if we try to weed. Perhaps we’ll make it up to Mother Nature by going on the Garden Walk this weekend, sponsored by the Friends of the Oak Park Conservatory and the Garden Club of Oak Park and River Forest (725-2460). We really hope Mother Nature considers this sufficient make-up credit for ignoring our own flowers. We don’t want to end up with a hex on us next summer.

For good measure, maybe we’ll attend this weekend’s Midwest Pond and Koi Society pond tour, too (312/409-2081). We’re a little nervous, though. The last time we approached a pond, we pretended to trip and fall in, but the trick went awry, and we actually did fall in, ruining a new pair of shoes.

We don’t own any cats, due largely to our dog Norman, who gets upset around them. But we’re borrowing one so we can go to Kitten Kindergarten at Cat Practice, 323 Chicago Ave. (383-5997). This is free training for kittens 8-12 weeks old and their owners. It’s offered on Tuesdays, July 11 and July 18. We don’t think it’s possible to train cats, and we want to see how Cat Practice goes about it. Perhaps they offer them sugary treats and intoxicants, which have always worked on us. We will have to restrain ourselves and give the cats a chance first. If the felines don’t cooperate, everyone might want to stop by Cat Practice on Tuesday night and peer in the windows, where they’ll see a shameless human, running around in circles and leaping high into the air to get the cookie.

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