With the demolition of the old science building the long planned $45 million campus improvement project at Dominican University is fully underway. The construction of a new academic building and 575-car garage on Dominican’s campus followed a two-year, at times controversial, planned development application process. The controversy involved clearing a small section of forested land at the west end of the campus to create a driveway connecting Thatcher Avenue. University officials expect all the work to be completed by August, 2007.

A brief timeline

Sept. 2005 Received village approval for installation of driveway connecting with Thatcher Avenue and began construction of driveway

Jan. 2006 Installed new temporary gravel parking lot on the east front lawn

Feb. 2006 Began construction of new Parmer Hall Academic/Science Building

May 2006 Preliminary interior demolition of old science building

June 2006 Exterior demolition of old science building

Feb. 2007 New parking garage completed

Aug. 2007 Parmer Hall ready for occupancy

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