Ohmigod, did you realize Father’s Day is this Sunday? Really? Well, we didn’t. Ohmigod, another day of celebration. We are exhausted from celebrating people of late, with all the graduations and end-of-the-year recitals and such. But how could we possibly fail to honor our fabulous husband? So buck up, moms; we’re not done yet.

How about dropping the celebratee off at One Stop Comics, 111 S. Ridgeland Ave. (524-2287), on Saturday at 10 a.m., when the store opens and customers start receiving a free pack of baseball cards for National Baseball Card Day? Our own husband isn’t interested in baseball cards, actually, but hopefully mobs of grasping children will remind him to be grateful for his own wonderful, un-baseball-interested offspring.

Then we could pick him up and drop him at Magic Tree Bookstore, 141 N. Oak Park Ave. (848-0770), for the 11 a.m. Father’s Day Storytime and Craft. His children won’t go with him, as they’re all past the picture book and beanie baby stage now. But this activity will no doubt send him into a pleasant reverie of his early years as a dad, when his children were cute and cuddly and didn’t need the car.

Later, as he rests from his celebrations and downs festive beers, we’ll announce his last treat: a crisp $10 bill to buy himself a ticket to hear Chicago Grandstand Big Band in a Father’s Day Concert, Sunday at 3 p.m. at First United Methodist Church, 324 N. Oak Park Ave. (383-4983). We won’t actually be going with him. But he’ll probably enjoy being together with a lot of other dads, many of whom will probably also have wives at home, splayed out on the couch gasping, grateful for so much to celebrate.

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