After watching An Inconvenient Truth at the Landmark Theatre in Chicago June 8, my husband and I decided to shut off our big freezer in the basement because now it’s nearly empty and draws much energy. We are also going to sign up for wind power. It’s an additional cost, but we can’t afford not to support clean sources of energy. is one of the suppliers in my area.

I bet you can think of lots of ways to use less energy and produce less CO2. Spread the word not to miss this movie. I am so proud of our Unity Temple Unitarian Universalist Congregation because they buy wind power, recycle, have a dishwasher?#34;to avoid paper and plastic?#34;that uses less energy than others, and are planning to dig a deep hole to tap the earth to heat the landmark building.

I purchased my tickets online at because there were reports of sellouts over the weekend.

Go to for more info and see the movie trailer.

If not now, when will we stop global warming, before it’s too late?

Leslie Roberts
Oak Park

Editor’s note: An Inconvenient Truth starts Friday at the Lake Theatre.

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