Cicero Township Trustee of Schools Robert Burman submitted his resignation to the Cicero Township school trustees board last week, ending a long legal battle stemming from the discovery last fall that Burman did not live in the district he was elected to serve.

A private investigator, hired by the Cicero Township Schools Treasurer’s Office late last summer found that Burman, elected in 2003 from Berwyn, actually lived in Chicago, one of the clues being a Chicago address listed on Burman’s renewed driver’s license.

Burman originally offered to resign last September, but pulled his resignation off the table. Burman’s latest resignation is effective July 7.

The Cicero Township Trustees of Schools had filed a quo warranto with the Attorney General’s office, requiring Burman to prove his residential status in Berwyn. Trustees Board President William Sullivan said the board would instruct its lawyers to discontinue the legal proceedings.

In a letter sent to the board and the Township Schools treasurer, Burman said, “I regret to inform you that I will no longer be able to serve as a Trustee of the Township School District, and I am resigning my elected position effective today. … I was honored to be elected by the citizens of the western suburbs to represent their interests, and I know I have done so to the best of my ability.”

The Cicero Township Board of Trustees of Schools oversees and invests funds for school districts in Oak Park, Cicero and Berwyn. The three-member board is comprised of elected representatives from the three areas.

Sullivan, an Oak Park resident, said the board accepted Burman’s resignation and immediately filled his position.

Louis Angeloni, a resident of South Berwyn, was approved last Wednesday to replace Burman, said Sullivan.

Angeloni, a managing partner with Turn Key Hedge Funds Inc. in Chicago, was first approached last September to replace the then-resigning Burman, said Sullivan, who added that the board contacted Angeloni last Wednesday after approving Burman’s resignation.

“We’re happy that the litigation has concluded so that the taxpayers in Cicero, Berwyn and Oak Park can continue to focus on the fiscal responsibilities of education of our children,” said Sullivan.

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