Date: Sunday, 30 April

Destination: Good Shepherd Lutheran Church at 611 Randolph

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church is practically right in the middle of Oak Park, so if you’re doing any crisscrossing from one side to the other, you might ride right past it. It’s on Randolph, which is a quiet residential street that’s great for east-west travel within Oak Park.

If you lived in southeast Oak Park and were headed to the Lake Theatre, for example, you might ride up Lombard to Randolph and then ride right past the church on the way to Marion Street, which would take you right up to the Lake.

Or if you lived up in the northwest corner and were headed to village hall, you might take Forest/Home down to Randolph and then ride past the church in the opposite direction on your way to Lombard. Two more blocks south to Madison and you’re at village hall.

My reason for going to Good Shepherd is a flute recital on a Sunday evening. I know better than to expect my three-year-old son to sit through the whole thing, so we send the rest of the family ahead in the van. My wife’s propitious phone call from the church tells us that Camille will be eighth out of twelve, so we know roughly what time to shoot for.

Starting just northwest of Austin and Lake, we load up the trailer with a couple of dinosaurs and a blanket, and head for Humphrey, which takes us down to Pleasant, then Lombard, then Randolph. From there it’s an easy ride over to the church at East?#34;perhaps a mile and a quarter total.

Perfect timing. Camille is up next. Near the end of her piece, Eli starts talking and heads start turning. During the applause I whisk him away, and we head back to the trailer.

While unloading back home in the garage, I notice there’s only one dinosaur even though I remember starting the ride with two. Fearing one of them lost, I ask Eli what happened to the other one. He hazards a sly grin and then gives me the scoop. Turns out the T-Rex ate the brontosaurus while we were riding. I had no idea. It is a bit hard to see what’s going on back there all the time. Well?#34;a little bloody mayhem notwithstanding?#34;it’s still a great day for a ride.

Karl Lauger
Oak Park

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