I note on page 2 of the OP/FYI newsletter for May 2006 that we are again encouraged to ride bicycles. The first “Safe Cycling” tip: “Ride on the right in the same direction as traffic.” There is no caution that there are a small number of motorists who are not aware of this and assault cyclists who are following this law.

If a cyclist is able to detain such an assailant and summon the police, the officer dismisses the offender and does not even bother to write a report.

I have been a victim of such an assault several times. Although there is plenty of room to pass to the left of the cyclist without going over the center line, the assailant pulls tight to the right curb, runs dangerously close to the cyclist, and blows their horn so that the cyclist is aware of the situation.

I was the victim of such an attack on Oct. 1, 2005 and clearly stated to the officer that I wanted to press charges. He talked to the motorist and dismissed her. He told me that she thought that I should be riding against traffic?#34;as if that excused her for the assault. I tried to follow through and met hostility and conflicting reports from the police and indifference from the village board.

I feel the local papers and the Chicago Tribune did a poor job of informing the voters before the recent election. There were some endorsements of some candidates. There was never a complete list of all of the candidates in all of the races and an explanation of the fact that Oak Park has three state senatorial and state representative districts.

There were problems with the count county-wide. There are no news stories about what is being done.

Lewis Carmichael
Oak Park

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