The discovery recently that Governor Rod Blagojevich had not yet filed his tax returns makes me sick. Not only has he failed to file his taxes on time this year, but this seems to be a recurring pattern as he has requested an extension for the last four years. Why can’t Blagojevich follow the rules like the rest of us? What is he hiding?

His returns last year showed that his family received substantial income from a business deal with Tony Rezko. Rezko is not only one of the governor’s top fundraisers, but also is under federal investigation for corruption. I question what we will find once Blagojevich finally releases his tax information this year.

I applaud Illinois State Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka, candidate for governor, for promptly and efficiently releasing her tax returns. Topinka is allowing Illinoisans plenty of time to examine her business practices, instead of hiding behind extensions as Blagojevich has done.

Gov. Blagojevich, I suggest you spend less time campaigning and more time on leading by example.

John D. Trybus
Oak Park

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