No students were injured last Thursday when a group of teens shot out windows of a Brooks Middle School bus outside a volleyball game in Summit.

Four eighth graders from the Heritage School in Summit were arrested and a BB or pellet gun was recovered. The incident occurred as Brooks student athletes were boarding the school bus around 5:15 p.m.

Summit police declined to release any details of the incident without a Freedom of Information Act request. However, Oak Park police officer and Brooks School Resource Officer Bill Jennings was made aware of the incident and related it to his superiors.

“There was one shooter, and three other kids who were with him,” said Oak Park Deputy Police Chief Bob Scianna Monday.

Oak Park District 97 Schools Superintendent Constance Collins said Monday that the Summit school’s principal was both concerned and apologetic when she spoke to him late Friday. The man said that the school is working with Summit police to investigate fully, and will impose whatever punishment is required.

“They spent the entire day Friday investigating the incident,” said Collins. “Strong disciplinary action will be taken that may also involve the police.” Collins added that she believed the incident was an unusual occurrence for the school, and that additional security precautions were unwarranted. The Summit principal, who said he’d been at the school for 27 years, told Collins that “nothing like this has ever happened [here] before.”

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