Thank you to the village board, now, and a two-pronged direction for the immediate future.

Thank you to this board for trying to set the Whiteco giveaway straight. You were working against a previous board and previous management, which together were way off the Oak Park track. But, think it over, honestly. As Whiteco made substantive changes?#34;to construction, to faade, to quality?#34;were you really powerless?

For the future there is more to do, guys! And right now. You have listened to citizens with homes in this neat village. Importantly, you are remembering your own promises to us voters who supported you into your job on this village board, and to other voters.

Selfish interests want to overbuild the residential lots as well as downtown. They say they have a constitutional and legal right to buy out a lucky owner who didn’t take care of his property, pay him bountiful land value, tear down a single family home and build big, high, out to the lot line. If they really can, within current codes that’s where you come in.

A temporary hiatus is needed, until you, the board can redo inspection zoning building code issuance of permits. Meanwhile, during the temporary hiatus, no variances for height and/or building to lot lines. Also, now you should direct the staff to inspect properties to keep housing in quality condition.

If the village manager here for 10 years (and his staff) helped get us into this over-building mess, no interim person can be expected to get us out. By the time a new manager is chosen and comes on the job, the village may be “lost” before he can sort it out.

So, it’s you, the board, left with the last board’s infamous legacies, which have to set Oak Park to rights. Thank you for your many efforts in what may sometimes seem to be a thankless job. We need that temporary hiatus (i.e. moratorium), and we need micromanaging, and we need them now.

Annabel S. Abraham
Oak Park

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