Adults, parents, coaches, and babysitters who care for children could do them a big favor by telling then about bike safety:

1. Register your bike with the police dept. It’s free. It’ll help if stolen.

2. Install lights and reflectors on front and back.

3. Lock your bike any time you leave it, if only to run in for a soda.

4. Ride with a buddy, but not double on the same bike. It looks suspiciously like hijacking.

5. Don’t loan your bike to a stranger; he won’t bring it back.

6. If you plan to be out after sunset, wear light-colored clothes.

7. Travel on streets in the direction of traffic.

8. “Share-the-Road” signs involve streets, not sidewalks where pedestrians of all ages are walking, pushing baby strollers or struggling with walkers or canes.

Sylvia Bumiller
Oak Park

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