Thank you for the recent article titled, “Demand for shelter is up, say PADS officials” on April 5, highlighting West Suburban PADS’ emergency shelter. While the number of persons being served by our shelter is up this season, there is just one small point of clarification. The opening sentence stated that for the first time in 15 years our shelter has had to turn away persons because the shelter had become full. Regrettably, in previous years, the shelter has had to turn persons away because of limited capacity when only one shelter site per evening was available. What is different this season is that we have turned people away on nights when two shelter sites were available. The difference between one shelter being open per night and two can be as high as 30 additional beds. This was an easy enough oversight, but still deserved a point of correction. Thank you.

Lynda Schueler
Executive director, West Suburban PADS

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