Oak Park is filled with many treasures. These treasures come in many shapes and forms. Some are inanimate, large and impressive like the homes built by Frank Lloyd Wright and those of other famous architects in our area. Some are tinier, equally impressive, and animate.

Though the word “animate” doesn’t go nearly far enough to describe her, Rose Meyer, is such a treasure. A frequent contributor to this page, Rose recently penned an article on appreciating our senior citizens and recognizing the many contributions they have to make to our society. A teacher for many years, she was certainly following the adage, write what you know.

Rose is all about commitment. A tireless worker for what she believes in, she presided over many meetings of the New Leadership Coalition and was recently elected to an office for that same group. At almost five feet tall, her famous opening statement, “I am standing up” was always greeted with smiles and cheers. Her wisdom, experience and humor could always be counted on to keep these gatherings on track.

To those of us lucky enough to know her, Rose is what we hope to be when we grow up. She is a living testimony to what boundless enthusiasm, curiosity and just plain joie de vivre can do for a person at any age. To those of us who know her, she is 10 feet tall.

Happy 80th birthday, Rose, and many, many more!

Anne M. Marsey
Oak Park

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