RE: “The rest of the story on Paul Harvey.”

I feel compelled to write regarding the subject article on page 4 of the March 15 edition of Wednesday Journal. My husband and I watched the WTTW documentary last week. While you pointed out some obvious oversights on the part of Channel 11, I think that the most obvious exclusion and oversights were of noteworthy former resident Ray Kroc, McDonald’s founder, who was born (as you know) in Oak Park. While he never graduated from Oak Park and River Forest High School, he was, nevertheless, honored by the high school. And how about Alex Wurman, who composed the music for the Academy-Award winning, March of the Penguins?

I thought the wrong first black Miss America was from Oak Park, but in doing some research on the Internet I see that a town in the state of New York was given credit rather than Oak Park. Of course she resigned her crown, so maybe she doesn’t count after all.

I couldn’t help seeing errors in the word usage in the subject article. In the next-to-last paragraph of the article the word “out” was used when “our” was the word intended. In the last paragraph of the article, the word “that” was used when “than” was the word intended. Surely these are oversights on the part of your staff of proofreaders.

Carol J. Schubert
Oak Park

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