Recently, Paul Hamer wrote a letter published in Wednesday Journal’s Viewpoints [Let’s call Whiteco’s bluff and take the issue to court, April 5] concerning Whiteco. I agree with him emphatically that we should junk the deal and if sued, use a defense that Whiteco was agreed to by illegal means and that the people strongly elected a new board who would negate this deal. Also, I think in court that condemning private property for this transaction is questionable legally.

Further, he is right that in no way do we need the kind of building that Whiteco is. We do not need more high-rise housing, especially that which caters to the well-to-do. It would contribute to more density, whereas we love the characteristics of our town of less density, such as quiet, tree-lined streets where children can be safe to play with friends in their neighborhoods. More traffic and increased city services will be the effect of going ahead with this deal.

Financially, it is and has been a disaster where we will have paid much too much to allow this company to get this deal. In effect we have given it away to them. Even if this were not true, studies by the Northeastern Illinois Planning Commision and other research groups have shown that increasing population in this way does not add village revenue, but the expenses to the village will far outweigh the taxes it will bring in.

I urge you to take the risk of a lawsuit and throw the whole thing out!

Karen Ard
Oak Park

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