As a former Chicago-area resident who practices special education law in Los Angeles, I was saddened to see a typically unbalanced article about special education costs in Wednesday Journal [Lawyers blame legal fees on complaints, March 29]. It is common these days to scapegoat children with special needs and to complain about the cost of meeting these needs. But many accommodations for students with disabilities can be provided easily and cheaply. A note-taker for classes is a common, inexpensive (perhaps free?) accommodation for children with certain learning disabilities.

Parents do not create these needs, they just respond to what they been advised by medical and educational professionals. A simple accommodation like this can help a student succeed in school, even in honors classes.

I somehow doubt that if the child in the article had actually received the notes, the parent would have complained to the district. No parent wants this headache. Did the reporter investigate the issue?

The irony, of course, is that by simply providing a note-taker as legally required by the student’s IEP, the district could have avoided any legal costs at all.

Ann Wexler
Los Angeles

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