Consider what took place during my trip to the polls on Tuesday:

First, no one ever asked for my ID; I could have been an illegal alien?#34;sorry, an undocumented immigrant?#34;for all they knew.

Then, I opted to try the high-tech, touch-screen monitor instead of the traditional punch ballot. This must have flustered the attendant because she never asked me if I wanted a Republican or Democrat ballot. (Take a guess which one I got!)

I realize the touch-screens are relatively new to the polling industry, but the technology itself has been around a while. However, my particular screen just wasn’t working properly. About one-third of the choices could be activated with just one touch, most required multiple finger touches, and a few candidates’ boxes wouldn’t activate at all, despite the fact I was practically punching the screen.

Lastly, for the two women standing exactly 101 feet away from the polling entrance who were aggressively promoting their candidates: I deliberately voted for your opponents.

Now the real question: Our kids missed school because of this?

Tim Mooney
Oak Park

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