Regarding “OP parks eye 4 dog sites” [March 15], I was surprised to see that Taylor Park is being considered as a location for a dog park.

I hope the Park District of Oak Park will drop Taylor Park from its list. Of all the possible sites mentioned (the others are Maple Park, Stevenson Center, Ridgeland Common and land near the Garfield post office), Taylor Park is the least suited. All the other sites are bounded on at least one side by a rail embankment or busy road. Such barriers alleviate the noise and odor problems that dog parks inevitably create. In addition, all the sites other than Stevenson are larger than Taylor Park.

By contrast, Taylor Park is only one block square and is closely bordered by homes on all sides. As mentioned in the article, its design is historically significant. The park district should not be willing to alter its classic landscaping features except for important infrastructure needs.

No matter how well the park district executes its fencing and buffering, a dog park will change the fundamental character of Taylor Park as a tranquil place to sit, walk and play.

Marie Jordan
Oak Park

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