As a resident taxpayer for over 40 years, I’d like to inform the public of an injustice in the village. I live on south Home Avenue and have a dangerous sewer problem on the parkway by the curb in front of my home. I did not put the sewer there, nor did I ask for it. I do not own the parkway or the trees that are there. In fact, I tried to plant a tree in front, and they pulled it out. However, Public Works and the village say it is my responsibility to repair the sewer. Oh, I saw the village ordinance in regard to this matter, but it does not make sense to me! Now we will be paying taxes for a new Public Works facility in the amount of nearly $20 million. How nice! They won’t even take on their responsibility of repairing the sewers on their property. I expected more from the Village of Oak Park.

Eileen Hayward
Oak Park

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